In collaboration with MCG Jazz, Live from THIS IS RED will capture six of the most insanely ripping, swinging guitars players with you in the live audience. Come listen, hang and vibe at our Pop-Up guitar show and party. Doors open at 6PM.


MCG Jazz’s mission is to preserve, present and promote jazz. Through our performances, we strengthen the long time Pittsburgh jazz community and contribute to the overall cultural and artistic diversity of the region. 


Benedetto Guitars was Founded in 1968 by American luthier Robert Benedetto, Benedetto Guitars builds some of the world’s most collectable and expensive instruments while still focusing their production on the needs of professional and aspiring jazz guitarists.


hosted by THIS IS RED - creative, story and digital agency for global mega-brands and scrappy startups. Our office is also a unique venue - a former Slovakian church - it is 20,000 sq/ft of exhibition, meeting and event space.


Pop-up bar by the infamous Hidden harbor. Hidden Harbor, serving tropical drinks in the American tiki tradition, with a touch of modern inspiration.